Living beyond pain

Living beyond pain

Christa Nehls (translation by Christin Greif)
… became acquainted with pain through personal and long experience and learned how to understand and manage it. In 2003, our author established a selfsupport group for pain patients and their families and tended to it for seven years. As instructor and trainer on pain management (among others), she is a source of hope and knowledge to many patients, guiding them to improve the quality of their lives. Christa Nehls wrote down in this book the knowledge she gathered throughout many years aiming to pass it on to more patients, their families and their friends. Since 2002, she is working as independent consultant and coach.
Content Summary
Is pain haunting you? Imprisoning you? Almost taking control over your life? Are you longing to break free? Do you want to be the master of your life again? Are you searching for new ways and ideas to that end? The experienced consultant, instructor and leader of a self-help group describes in this book a concrete way to deal with pain. New methods and possibilities are introduced herein so that you may take actively part in your own life again. It is up to you to adopt them. In simplified English, you can now be helped up to self-help. Don’t be afraid, the key to change is in your hands: start a new life right away.

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