Short explanation for the serial „Actions speak louder than words“

„Think a moment“ is the first volume of the book series „Actions speak louder than words“. Here you find a collecation of texts, which I published as newsletters for several years. This book “Think a moment” gives you inspiration and creativity to develop changes in your life.

“Actions speak louder than words” is a book series, which leads you from plain thinking to real action. The book market sells you lots of books containing instructions, and you read and read and read. But the important step is missing: action. Each single book opens new possibilities and new horizons, and shows you new ways. Take heart, make your own decisions and learn to act in your interest. In case you do not want to act, you have read a good book and you decided not to decide.

The next subject talks about pain and coping with pain: “Living beyond Pain”.

A BLOG will be installed to collect your reactions. You are cordially invited to discuss with me and others, what you have experienced with pain. Let me take part, because exchanging information with you helps to improve the quality of my books.

I am a busy bee … lots of subjects wait for writing and publishing.