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Christa Nehls

Menschin Publishing – vivacious ♦ pragmatic ♦ convenient

What do you have to expect in this new publishing company?

I started a serial „Actions speak louder than words“. Those who know me a bit more personal, they know, I am interested and well skilled in many topics. The reason fort hat: at my age I have a lot of life experience and wisdom, and I am unstoppable gaining more knowledge and having a great deal of interest in all new.

This serial will cover various subjects like pain relief, overweight, living relationships and termination.

Additionally I will publish brochures and booklets about these topics as reference books.

In the future I plan to have authors with own books e.g. romans, hopefully spellbinders.

All books will be presented by Menschin, they are available in book stores and amazon etc.

You are welcome with your interest and your orders in the Menschin publishing company :: ::

Yours Christa Nehls