Think a moment

Think a moment

News about my book „Think a moment“

My first book „Think a moment“ in the serial „Actions speak louder than words“ is now available in English. Orders should be placed in bookstores or via amazon etc.

Christa Nehls (translation by Michael Johann Tiefau)
has been working as a freelance consultant, counselor and communications coach for more than 10 years and has been publishing newsletters of a slightly different kind since 2007 which she sends to interested parties.
Content Summary
By finding the perfect balance between topics like health, common sense, philosophical ideas, and provocation, her texts are unique works within the literary world. A holistic approach is the premise of her work and it also shows in this form of expression. If you would like to get an impression of her way of working and thinking, then this book is a must-have. Her previous as well as her present clients and interested parties gladly use these texts for supporting their personal development. Let yourself be carried away into moments to think and gather inspiration for your own way of thinking.

Currently: Christa Nehls’ book “think a moment” is now available on: